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Young Peoples Residentials

We have been given a great opportunity to offer several schools the chance to send some mentees, with staff and volunteers on Residential activity weekends. The young people will be given the chance to experience varied outdoor activities, trekking, games, team building activities, they young people also prepare their own meals and a trip to Stratford upon Avon.

Studio Barn is ideally suited as a base for small groups to explore the Cotswold's and to involve a programme of adventure, training, leisure or nature study.

This will be organised and executed by the Pioneers Team in conjunction with the Schools Co-ordinators. It is very rewarding to be able to offer this added value to Schools and young people in conjunction with the mentoring support.

We would just like to say a big thank you to Awards for All for making this happen.

Pioneers Leadership Project

The Birmingham Leadership Foundation Ltd (BLF) is a new, not-for-profit organisation which aims, in partnership with key stakeholders, to develop, commission and delivers effective community leadership that will contribute significantly to building strong, cohesive and sustainable communities in Birmingham.

We have delivered a training programme to develop relevant leadership skills which will empower participants. The course comprised of several modules an also had speakers from various backgrounds supporting the programme. The course was based around lectures and seminars delivered by professionals who are leaders in their own right. This gave practical examples of leadership and leadership styles and allowed the participants to learn without having to go through an academic leadership course.

Over 25 hours of learning were delivered to all participants. We had deliberately left two topics free as we wanted to give participants the chance to decide what additional learning they wanted so that the course is tailored around their needs.

We utilised various centres of Leadership to give the participants a feel for the work they would like to carry out. This enable the participants to extend their own understanding of leadership in different contexts. This also made the course much more interesting and added to the whole learning experience. We hosted the course at venues such as BCC council House, Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham University, Schools and BAYC premises as well as other venues tbc.

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