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Over the past decade we at Pioneers have supported many organisations with advice, guidance, financial support and by listening to their requests.

We offer a comprehensive support package which includes Developing Constitutions, Management Committees, Training, Writing Policies & Procedures and Bid writing.

Some of those that we have worked with are below as well as a description of the activities that they have participated within.

Streetwize - Pioneers work closely with young people within the community and we have helped develop and supported a young Somali Organisation called StreetWize. StreetWize aim is to challenge the stereotyped perception of Somali youths in Birmingham.

Young Disciples – Youth group set up in the North West of Birmingham supporting at risk young people and advocating for these at risk groups. Set up in 2002 to work with gang members and those at risk of joining.

Prime Stars – 2008 Youth group working with young people in the Small Heath area of the city working to support academic achievement and hosting activities to engage young people.

Young Guiding Stars – Youth group working towards supporting young inner city people mainly from Somalian backgrounds and providing a positive platform for them.

Asylum and Refugee Council – an organisation that is focussed on the needs of the newly arrived communities in Birmingham they provide support and community engagement activities to ensure a level of equality for all residents of Birmingham.

Balsall Heath CATS – we have supported the group to establish it and develop its policies, procedures, office space and management committee. The group work with severely disabled young people and provide activities and positive support for the carers

Rozen – we have helped this group develop itself over the past few years and deliver its support packages to mainly Asian Women from South Asia. Working with the PCT and Community Safety Partnership the group have become well recognised for their innovative work and their enthusiasm for engaging Asian women.

Mosiac Network West Midlands - Pioneers work in collaboration with many other organisations, one such organisation is Mosaic. "Mosaics purpose is to work toward a more integrated and thriving society where all individuals, regardless of background are supported in realising their potential." Pioneers have been fortunate to be able to work closely with Mosaic in several ways, one of which was to introduce Kings Heath Boys School to the project who then went on to win the Mosiac Apax Challenge, wining the school £3,000.


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